Wednesday, 3 June 2009

UKIP and General Election

It's occurred to me that UKIP must be really torn about wanting an early General Election.

If a General Election occurs before the Irish ratify the EU Constitution in the scandalous 'you got it wrong first time try again' re-referendum then the EU Constitution is dead. Assuming the Tories form the next Government then they will have a UK referendum, it will reject the constitution. But if UKIP stand in an early General Election then they will take votes from the Tories and risk a hung Parliament. An early General Election effectively forces UKIP - if they are principled about their convictions - to support the Tories strongly.

Of course, they may not be principled and may stand against the Tories in an early General Election. This will show them in their true colours: as politicians not principlians (to coin a word).

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  1. I disagree with your assertion that if UKIP stands then they are not being principled.

    Cameron has been very wishy-washy over Europe. While he made a "cast iron" promise for a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, my biggest fear is that the treaty will be ratified before the next general election (quite likely) and David Cameron will turn around and say there is no point on a referendum now as it's already in effect.

    Lets go down the hypothetical path that the tory vote splits causing a hung parliament. There is nothing stopping the tories and UKIP forming a coalition government. At least then I could be sure of a referendum not just on the treaty but on EU membership.