Saturday, 17 January 2009

Conservatives and Heathrow

I'm just amazed how many Conservatives agree with Labour about a third runway at Heathrow. Presumably they think the greening of the Tories is just so much window-dressing to seem cuddly. You cannot, repeat cannot, think that man-made global warming is any kind of reality and support the expansion of Heathrow. Personally, I think man-made global warming is bollocks but I'm still against the expansion of Heathrow for a reason that it's disappointing more Tories aren't talking about: the right to own your own home. If politicians, by fiat and without even the fig-leaf of a parliamentary vote, are alllowed to knock down your home then freehold and property rights in this country mean absolutely nothing at all. Oh sure, greater good and all that, Conservatives need an infrastructure too. No. Not without parliamentary approval, specifically. The state is greater than no individual. That's why I'm a Conservative. All those Tories supporting Heathrow...what do you believe about the role of the state versus the individual?

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