Sunday, 25 January 2009

Ken Clarke - A Good Appointment

I'm as died in the wool Eurosceptic as they come. The EU is corrupt, wasteful, pathetic, interfering and in every way (in its current incarnation) worthy of contempt. I'm a passionate European. I do business in Europe; I love European history; I love visiting Europe; I love the diversity and the rich culture in such a small area. But Tory policy towards the EU is really pretty small fry in the general scheme of Conservative policy - and that's the only area that Ken Clarke disagrees with most Tories about.

Ken Clarke is a heavyweight politician with serious views and the most serious economic credentials of any MP now sitting in the Houses of Parliament. It would be insane not to have him on the front bench and it is absolutely right that he plays a key role going forward.

My non-aligned friends say their one concern about the Tory party is lack of Government experience. Clarke brings that in spades. Forget the irrelevance of the EU idiocy. Clarke will help bring back a Tory government and that is enough.

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