Monday, 2 February 2009

Restoring trust in British politics

Labour financial scandals, Tory sex scandals. To sleaze is human. Restoring trust after decades of sleaze by a minority of venal or over-sexed politicians will be easy actually. David Cameron needs to tell every MP to vote according to 1) their conscience, 2) their country, 3) their constituency and 4) their Conservative party. The four Cs. One exception: they must vote with the manifesto unless they have prior to the election publicised to the electorate their unwillingness to accept specific policies.

Chaos? Rebellions? No. Government defeats? Yes. Because men and women of conscience are voting with their minds. A few months of this and trust will be restored. Of course, this will mean the whips have less to do. Good. Of course, this means defeats in the house. Good. If people know why the defeats are happening then it will not be seen as disloyalty but good governance by the people for the people.

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