Thursday, 19 March 2009

Depression and the Polls

I'm depressed by the opinion polls. I've long thought we live in basically a soft-left country but the opinion polls seem to confirm it. Whatever the Conservatives say or do, however bad this Government gets, the Conservatives seem to be unable to break beyond the 42% or so barrier in the polls.

This Government is accountable for us, according to the IMF, having the worst recession, the longest recession, the worst debt, the hardest recovery of any economy in the developed world. And yet Gordon Brown is still the choice of some 32% of the population according to the polls. Another 4% or so and he'd still be in Government after the next election. It beggars belief. 

What does this demonstrate? That the majority of this country are essentially soft-left and thus float between the two main centre-left parties; that whether the Conservatives are too bold or not bold enough, too hard or not hard enough doesn't seem to matter. The polls will never take us to Blair territory. The Tory strategists seem to have tried everything but we ain't getting above 42% or so. 

What to do? 1. Secure the 42% with solid Conservative policies to reduce debt and encourage enterprise - this the Conservatives are doing. 2. Boost the Lib Dems: they are the only hope of reducing Labour's vote significantly - more love-bombing of the Lib Dems please. 3. Allow England independence; I'm sorry Scotland, the land of my birth, but you're just too damn Labour and I'm fed up, really fed up with you imposing your left-wing values and your left-wing politicians on me. I'd be sorry to say goodbye but unless you change your views I want independence now. England needs it; and you'd be happier really on your own.

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