Thursday, 12 March 2009

Prince Charles and Recession

What a bloody fool our future King can be sometimes. Assuming Sky News hasn't made this up Prince Charles is reported as saying that the recession is nothing compared to climate change

Right now we live in a time when thousands of people are losing their jobs and their homes, when millions are desperately worried about how they will get through the next year. For this rich Prince who has never, never had to worry where his next meal is coming from, about his livelihood, about his children's schooling to say this at this time shows crass insensitivity.

He needs to understand that there are times to say things and there are times not to say things. Even if he is right - and many thousands of reputable scientists dispute that climate change is significantly influenced by man - to say it now is foolish and insensitive.

Many people care about climate change and believe it to be influenced by man's actions, and care passionately, but now, in 2009, is not the time for this rich prince to belittle the impact of the recession by comparison with anything. He needs to think about the pyramid of needs before he opens his mouth and reflect on the fact that there are plenty of people who place their immediate future before grand ambitions for the planet.

And perhaps first class travel to Brazil to visit the rainforest by plane isn't exactly helping carbon emissions. But then maybe he's swimming, or maybe he's sailing...or maybe it's just one rule for rich princes and another for ordinary mortals in fear of their jobs.

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