Friday, 6 March 2009

Mandelson and Custard Pies

That someone was allowed to assault Peter Mandelson by throwing a custard pie at him and appears to have got away with it is a disgrace. The woman who did it should be arrested, prosecuted and punished.

I don't care whether Peter Mandelson is Labour, Tory, BNP or Communist. Assault is never justified because you disagree with someone's views. Full stop. 

Peter Mandelson is an odious hypocrite who preaches about a low-carbon economy while imposing a third runway at Heathrow against the wishes of most people other than Labour's paymasters at BA and BAA. But he's also a politician and that means that the individuals in his constituency have the right to got rid of him at the next election if they don't like him. That is democracy. Assault isn't.

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