Monday, 9 February 2009


Now, I work in financial services and I receive a bonus. But I only do so if my company achieves its financial targets, and if my department achieves its. And that seems fair enough to me. The Tories should lay off any bank (ANY bank) that is operating privately and is accountable to its shareholders who can sack its board.

But RBS, Northern Rock, A N Other Car Company and any company (that's ANY company) that has received a penny of my money to stop it from going insolvent should pay absolutely no bonus to any member of staff from the lowliest worker to the Chairman of the Board. My money was taken from me on pain of imprisonment and spent by the Government: I have first priority to get it back, not ANY member of staff whose job I have saved at the expense of my own financial security.

The should be the Tory line and I'm disappointed that the leadership are only focusing upon big boss bonuses. If I've saved someone's job with my money then they can give me first dibs on getting it back. That is fair. Anything else is unfair. Full stop. End of story.

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