Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Labour's Blatant Electoral Bribery

One of the many things that make my blood boil about Labour is their transfer of funds from Conservative to Labour seats to bribe electors. I'm not talking about redistribution of wealth: the Tories believe in that too. I'm talking about how the amount available to spend on a council house in Surrey is a third that of one in Manchester because Labour steals Surrey's council tax. Why? Are the Surrey houses in less need of funding? No. Are the tenants richer and better able to invest themselves? No. There is no excuse. It is Labour shoring up its core vote.

Now, I realise that the Conservatives can't be too aggressive in this area (cue Labour bleats of attacking the poor), but the Conservative front bench team does need to do more presenting of the facts. The Tories are too timid about the charge of attacking the poor. Put Eric Pickles in charge of a communication programme about how if you don't have a lot of cash, then your only chance under Labour is moving to a Labour constituency. Find case studies of Surrey individuals whose quality of life is being adversely affected by this disgusting policy. This need not be a vote loser for the Tories.

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